Choosing Academic Proposals in Curriculog

Which form should I use?

To select a form for Academic Planning use, look under the school name and choose the form with the corresponding action and item in the title.

  • Example 1: A faculty member in the Graduate School of Public Health wants to propose a new major. They will choose the form entitled “GSPH 2019-2020 New Major/Certificate.”

**Please note, the dates on the Academic Proposals correspond to the associated catalog year and not to the users' desired effective date. Users will indicate the desired effective date on the form (Spring 2020, etc.).**

For a list of official campus/school abbreviations used in Curriculog, please see the Office of University Communications' list at

Course forms may be used for any/all schools and campuses.

  • Example 2: A staff member in the College of Business Administration wants to update a course in PeopleSoft. They will choose the form entitled “2019-2020 Modified Course (Course Catalog).”

If you are submitting a proposal regarding a Joint Action, School, Center, or Department, please consult the Guidelines for the Review of Academic Planning Proposals ( instead.