Creating Financial Forms in Curriculog

 - From within Curriculog, click New Proposal from the left-hand side.

 - From the All Processes screen that follows, hover over the form title (e.g. "Fees and Tuition Form") and use the page icon to Preview the form, or the checkmark icon to Start Proposal.

 - Turn on the help text before making any edits to the form. Click the "i" icon to Show Help Text. The Help Text provides essential directions and descriptions in the form.

 - You may also Attach Files to the form using the document with plus sign icon from the Proposal Toolbox header. Note: if you delete and re-upload an attachment, change the file name to avoid corrupting the file, e.g. "Proposal Attachment 2.doc"

- You may Save All Changes at any point using the button at the bottom of the form.

- When completed, Save All Changes and review the Approval Steps on the right. Click the arrow icon in the upper left to Validate and Launch Proposal.

- Follow the steps on Financial Form Decisions to make your decision and move the proposal along to the next step.

Financial Form Decisions >>